mint and lime smoothie

Mint is I believe one of my partner’s favorite teas, he often buys a bunch of fresh mint and we use it to make hot or cold tea during summer months. I rinse fresh mint thoroughly, remove the the stem and freeze it in a zip bag. Each time we fancy a hot or cold mint tea, I just take couple of frozen leaves and brew it in a pot.

For making a smoothie the best is fresh mint though. So if you have a supply of fresh herb and hot weather, to enjoy this refreshing smoothie, do not hesitate and try this recipe. I’ve included honey or its replacement in this recipe, but it’s totally optional and depends only of your personal preference. Some people needs a hint of sweetness, but obviously if you’re on keto diet you might want to skip this ingredient.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine mint (and also pears, roasted almonds, honey, white sesame seeds, and celery) support your lungs and large intestine. Often times, in a hot summer months these organs suffer from being too dry and not having enough moisture. And mint with its cooling nature has a soothing, cooling, clarifying effect.

If you experience headache, fever, slight aversion to cold, sore throat, red eyes, cough, nasal congestion, and it’s connected with wind-heat, try adding some mint to your drinks.

mint and lime smoothie

INGREDIENTS (for 2 portions):

· 500ml kefir
· ½ cup cold water
· 2 twigs of fresh mint
· ½ lime juice
· optionally: 1 teaspoon of honey or replacement for keto diet


Rinse fresh mint and cut off the leaves. Take a jug, add in kefir, water mint leaves and lime juice.

Blend until smooth. Optionally add some honey or sweetener. Put to the fridge for about 30 minutes, then it’s ready to drink. Very, very refreshing!


Source of knowledge:

Bo He – Chinese Field Mint


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