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by Emilia Kalinovska Photography

Hello Stranger, I’m happy you’ve popped in, hopefully you’ll stay for longer.

Don’t you think there is a lot of confusion about food these days? There is so many diets, being completely opposite to each other and all and each of them are supposed to be “the healthy one”. How is it possible? I don’t know. All I know is that there’s a lot of mess in the food industry, and everyday you can read an information about good or bad effects of each and every diet you can think of. What is the truth? Again I have no idea.

We all are used to our common dietary habits and patterns. What we should eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, how many times per day, what’s healthy, what’s not. We drop in a dietary routine, not thinking that our body is a living machine, that needs to be nourished everyday, according to it’s own needs. Different when you workout, when you are sick, when you are active and different when you spend hours working on the computer. And it’s all very personal and also very important. What we eat, when and how and even how we compose our meals matters. Surprisingly small modifications you make in your eating routine can make significant change in your quality of life. It can change your mood, make you feel more energized or opposite – make you feel down and sleepy all the time. So I want to encourage you to start listening to your body, don’t ignore all the signals it’s giving to you everyday. Before the signals become the symptoms of something more serious.

I’ve never thought before, that what you eat makes such a significant impact on how you feel. In your body and in your mind. Keto has thought me to be more mindful not only about my eating choices, but also to reconnect with my body – what it needs and how it reacts on particular food. After six months of restrictions I know, that I can eat everything and anything, but I realized I don’t want to eat everything.

I believe that we are not made to follow one strict diet to the rest of our days. Life is to short and to beautiful not to enjoy what you like. You just need to listen to your gut, and find what serves you best. What makes you feel best. That’s why you’ll find here not only keto diet recipes, but also vegan, vegetarian and “treat yourself” recipes – because

“Cakes are healthy too, you just eat a small slice.”
― Mary Berry

So feel free to browse these pages and enjoy the food you make.

Eat Better, Feel Happy!