mint chocolate cacao

From time to time we have a phase for hot cacao, on these days I like to experiment with different flavours. Sometimes I add cinnamon or gingerbread spice, and once in the pile of old newspapers and magazines I found mint hot cacao recipe. Such Winter hot cocoa with a pinch of summer. My partner didn’t appreciate the taste, but let me tell you that I really enjoyed it. So if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s easy to prepare, and you can find chocolate with mint filling in almost every store. To keep it low carb I would look for good quality dark chocolate or sugar free.

If it will be too bitter for you, add a bit of sugar alternative, or regular sugar if you don’t mind. Use mix of milk and double cream or double cream only if you like it more heavy. You can also prepare vegan option using plant milk (almond, oat, soya or rice) and vegan cream. I also saw vegan mint chocolate bar in the supermarket.

Have you noticed that there’s cacao and cocoa powder in the shops? What’s the difference? If you’d like to know have a look here.

If you like having hot cacao on dark Winter evenings this mint version is a great idea. Cup of hot cacao, cosy blanket and a good book is a perfect Winter set up.

mint chocolate cacao

INGREDIENTS for one cup:

  • 125 ml of any kind of milk you prefer
  • 125 ml double cream or vegan cream
  • 1 headed tsp of raw cacao
  • 4 good quality, low carb mint chocolate squares or sugar free (or vegan chocolate)


You can use milk and cream or cream only for extra fat content. Heat up together milk and cream, but don’t bring it to boil. Take a mug or a cup put a headed teaspoon of raw cacao powder. When milk and cream is hot add a little bit to the mug and using a teaspoon dissolve cacao (milk frother also will be handy). Add four mint chocolate squares and the rest of milk/cream. Stir until chocolate melts. Serve hot adding a cosy blanket and good book 🙂


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