funny fruit cake (no bake, also vegan option)

Looking from far away you could say that I’ve made a cake with tomatoes. But it’s only guava slices. That’s one of my older recipes, very summery, no bake cake based on whipping cream and jelly. You can also prepare it as vegan option, using coconut milk and vegan gelatin. Great idea for an evening party or kids party. It looks funny and colorful. I’ve used high carb fruits, but if you’d like to make it more keto, you also have quite a variety (amount of carbs in 100g of each fruit) :

  • blackberries 5g
  • raspberries 5g
  • strawberries 6g
  • cantaloupe 7g
  • watermelon 7g
  • peach 8g
  • orange 9g
  • clementine 10g
  • cheries 10g
  • plum 10g
  • gooseberries 10g
  • apricot 11g

If you don’t mind your carb intake, instead of guava, you can also use other tropical fruits, it’s important not to use kiwi, because the jelly may not solidify as it should.

This cake is a bit time consuming but very simple to make. You’ll mainly need time to chill it in the fridge between making three layers. In return you’ll get fresh juicy, sweet and light cake. Grapes crunch sweetly in the mouth, guava is refreshingly juicy, and mandarins, cause they are simply tasty. All as light as a cloud, so you can eat as much as you like, without feeling heavy on your stomach. Especially the white, middle layer is fluffy and turns very creamy when exposed to the warmth of the lips.

I’ve used quite large (about 26cm) baking tray, and placed baking paper on the bottom of it. If you have a much smaller tray use half amount of the ingredients. Also you can use square or rectangular shape tray, important is to be able to remove the cake after it sets without damaging it. If you want to use some kind of Pyrex like dish, you can cover inside with the cling film – should be fairly easy to take it out later on. Although because I don’t use cling film in my kitchen I wasn’t able to see if and how it works.

funny fruit cake (no bake, also vegan option)

INGREDIETS (for quite large about 26cm/10inch round baking form):

If you’d like to make a smaller cake, please take half of the amount of ingredients.

  • 2 whipping cream 284ml each (for vegan option use equal amount of coconut milk)
  • 3 strawberry jelly packs
  • 1 can guava in syrup
  • 1 small can mandarin segments in juice
  • 500 g grapes
  • 2-3 tsp gelatin (for vegan option use vegan gelatin)
  • 1 tablespoon regular powdered sugar or sweetener like xylitol


Dissolve all three jellies in 1 liter of hot water and leave to cool. Pour out some of the syrup from the guava can and add it to the jellies. Put the cooled jelly in the fridge to let it set.

Prepare the form, so it will be ready when you need it. You can use round or rectangular baking tray, important is that you should be able to remove it when it sets without damaging the cake. The tray can also be lined with baking paper or cling film, and when it sets, you can remove it easily and cut it into portions. I like to store this kind of cakes without a metal trays, because I feel like it gets metallic aftertaste when I keep it in the fridge for longer.

Next step is to cut a few slices of guava and set it aside to decorate the top. Dice the rest of the guava. Drain the mandarin from the juice.

Then, using a handheld mixer, whip 284ml of cream. Add the slightly settling jelly to the whipped cream and mix it again until it is becomes uniform. Put half of the mass into a separate bowl, and add diced guava and mandarin to the other half. Mix and put into the baking tray, leveling the top with a spatula or spoon.

Keep the cake in the fridge until it is firm and start the next layer. Wash the grapes thoroughly under running water. Dissolve 2-3 teaspoons of gelatin in 3 tablespoons of hot water – mix thoroughly until it dissolves completely, then leave to cool. Then whip another 284ml of cream, adding 1 tablespoon of powdered sugar or sweetener at the end. Pour cold gelatin bit by bit into the whipped cream and mix until completely combined.

Leave 1/3 of the grapes for decoration, add the rest to the whipped cream and give it a stir. The middle part of the cake is ready. The bottom should become quite solid during this time, so we put a white cream with grapes on it and level it again with a spatula or a spoon. Put the tray back in the fridge for several minutes.

After this layer has been set, we start the last one. Mix the jelly-cream mass left beforehand and pour it over the top of the cake. Align with a spatula and arrange on top guava slices and grapes, pushing them gently into the cream. Put the tray in the fridge for at least 3 hours.

When it’s all set and stiff, cut into decent pieces and eat as much as you want!

Store the cake in the refrigerator, preferably no longer than 48 hours – it quickly catches other smells and begins to change the taste.



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