pork chops in mustard & savoy cabbage salad with horseradish sauce

Some taste combinations won’t stop surprising me. Adding horseradish to to a simple salad sauce, adds so much value and freshness to the cabbage. On the other hand adding mustard (which I like a lot) to pork chops (which I don’t quite like) makes them just delicious.

That’s how with these two simple ingredients you can give brand new quality to boring food. Only with couple ingredients you can prepare fancy looking and delicious meal.

Remember to use good quality pork from your local butcher or farmers market, to have more healthy meat and also support your local business. The same with veg. I know it’s not always possible (cheap) and easy, but if you have the option to buy less processed food, it’s always a good choice.

I’ve used mild and slightly sweet type of mustard, so my sauce had a very gentle mustard taste. So the final taste will depend of the type of mustard you use. If you like something more fiery, go for it, but remember to add less mustard so you won’t finish with meal that has only-mustard-taste.

I’ve chosen mild mustard, because horseradish sauce in salad is quite intensive . So didn’t want to have two flavours fighting with each other.

So keep it in mind when choosing your mustard.

pork chops in mustard and savoy cabbage with horseradish sauce


pork chops in mustard & savoy cabbage salad with horseradish sauce

INGREDIENTS for the pork:

  • 700g pork chops (in one joint or already sliced)
  • natural rock salt and coarse pepper
  • 250-300ml double cream
  • your favourite mustard
  • 1 tbsp clarified butter
  • fresh coriander for garnish

INGREDIENTS for salad:

  • ½ savoy cabbage
  • ½ cucumber
  • 3 tbsp greek jogurt
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 3 tbsp horseradish
  • fresh or dried dill
  • pinch of natural rock salt and lemon pepper


Cut pork in slices, personally I like very thin chops, so cut them hoever you like, or skip this step if you bought already sliced ones.

Smash them slightly with the palm of your hand to loosen the fibers so the meat is more tender. Sprinkle with salt and pepper on both sides and set aside.

Heat the large skillet adding clarified butter, when it’s hot place the chops and fry until golden on both sides. If you won’t manage to fry them all at once, like I did, fry the first part, remove from the pan, and fry the other part.

When all chops are golden place them all on the skillet and spread on each one about ½ of a teaspoon of mustard. Depending of the type of your mustard you might need add a little bit less on each pork chop. I’ve used very mild slightly sweet mustard, so I added quite a lot of it. But if you use very spicy one, try adding less than ½ of the teaspoon on each, so at the end of cooking you will be able to add some more if you decide it needs more mustard flavour.

After spreading mustard on pork chops pour double cream all over, lower the heat and simmer until you get nice and thick sauce. Stir it from time to time to distribute the mustard to the cream. You might also need to add a little bit salt to your sauce.

While you sauce is thickening prepare salad. Remove first layer of dark leaves from the cabbage – they are quite hard for a salad (you can use them for cabbage rolls). Thinly chop the cabbage and place in a large bowl. Thoroughly wash the cucumber and cut in quite thin half slices. Pop them to a bowl.

In a cup mix greek yogurt, olive oil (it will give the sauce more liquid texture) and horseradish, add spices and pour all over your salad. Fold it couple of times, so all the cabbage and cucumber will be covered by the sauce.

Remove the pan from heat and serve with savoy cabbage salad.


pork chops in mustard


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