no flour keto chocolate cake (no sugar and gluten free)

I’m a bit tired experimenting with coconut flour in cakes, so when scrolling YouTube I stumble up on this recipe, which doesn’t require any flour to make, I got excited. I love chocolate stuff (chocolate cakes, chocolate ice cream! ♥) and the recipe requires all the ingredients I usually have at home, so I didn’t need to take a trip to the shop. Last great thing about this recipe is that it’s sooo easy to make.

If you use sugar replacement it’s perfectly keto friendly and gluten free. After trying you would never guess that there’s no flour in this cake. Oh, and one more important thing – it doesn’t require baking soda or baking powder – recently there’s a little problem to find these ingredients in the shop.

Cake came out great even though I had no instant coffee at home and I took the risk adding ½ teaspoon of ground coffee. Also I could shorten the baking time slightly, because I think top overbaked a bit. Ten minutes less and it would be perfect. But next time, because obviously it’s something I will repeat baking. I see this with giant splash of whipped cream on top and couple of raspberries or raspberry compote.

If you crave some easy-peasy chocolate stuff, definitely try this one.

keto no flour chocolate cake


no flour keto chocolate cake (no sugar and gluten free)

NOTES: my measuring cup is regular 250ml glass

INGREDIENTS for a 21 cm / 8 inch baking tray:

  • 100g dark chocolate (I’ve used Lindt 90% cocoa)
  • 125g butter
  • 6 free range eggs
  • 1/3 cup xylitol (or any other kind of sugar replacement or regular sugar, if you don’t mind)
  • ½ tsp ground coffee (I didn’t have instant coffee)


First grease the baking tray with some butter, so it will be ready when needed.

Break the chocolate in smaller pieces add to a large glass bowl and melt over a double-boiler (pot with some boiling water, glass bowl placed inside, the bowl theoretically should not touch the surface of water but my usually touches and I didn’t manage to burn the chocolate yet). Add butter and stir until fully melted. Remove the bowl from the pot and let cool to room temperature.

Now it’s time for whipping the egg whites. Separate the egg yolks and set them aside, we will use them later. In a bowl or a pot start whipping the egg whites, first on the slower program, after a minute or so you can use faster one (it will make you sure that all the whites are whipped and nothing stays on the bottom). Start adding sugar replacement and mix until you get soft peaks. I don’t like very sweet sweets, but if you feel like it’s not sweet enough for you, add more.

Turn on the oven to 150ºC.

Now go back to melted chocolate, if it’s room temperature add egg yolks and stir to combine. You can first add one spoon of chocolate to the egg yolks to warm them up, then pour them to the rest of chocolate.

Now slowly spoon by spoon start adding egg whites to chocolate, and stir gently using folding motion. You can easily do it using spatula or a big spoon. Always add egg whites to chocolate not the opposite, because whipped whites will deflate. You should get quite fluffy consistency.

Pour it to the baking tray and even the surface. Set the time for 45 minutes, although I think for my oven it was slightly too long, I think 35 minutes would be perfectly fine. But, you know each oven is different.

The cake will rise nicely while baking (my didn’t grow up to the top of the pan), but when you take it out it will unfortunately deflate. But it’s normal, so don’t panic if it happens.

Wait until it cools down and serve as you like. Would be absolutely wonderful with whipped cream on top and some raspberries. But I’ve left it plain and it vanished veeery fast, so it means it was delicious 🙂

keto chocolate cake


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