tandoori chicken #keto #lowcarb

I’m not gonna lie, that it’s hard to get bored on our extreme keto diet. At least once a week we have a crisis, and we discuss how hard it’s getting and what we would love to eat. So after almost six months of keto, my appreciation for spices grows to the sky. I use plenty of herbs I’ve never used before, look for new seasonings I haven’t try, and go for the ones I’ve tried long time ago, and forgot about them. One of them is fantastic tandoori seasoning. I love it on crispy chicken skin. Smells and taste delicious.

I also like my everyday cooking to be simple and easy, more complicated and time consuming meals I leave for the weekends, or days when I have more time to enjoy it. And this chicken is one of my go to quick and easy recipes. Instead of drumsticks, you can also use chicken thighs, the best with skin if you’re on low carb high fat diet.

When we started keto, we’ve decided to buy better quality meat. If the meat is your main fuel it’s good to be from a good source. So we’ve found a good butcher and we try to buy all the meat there. You never can be sure about the quality, but at least you know it’s local and fresh. Meat from the supermarket needs a lot more time to be delivered to a customer, and has a longer shelf life, so we can suppose that it contains lot more preservatives.

If you eat dairy, mix natural yogurt with tandoori seasoning. Because we cannot use any dairy, I’ve used coconut yogurt. Try to find the ones with no added sugar and short list of ingredients. I try not to use coconut yogurt, because most of them, or at least the one I have found, contains also corn flour and potato starch, that are no go on our diet. But this particular recipe based it’s marinate on yogurt, so I decided to use the coconut version.

You can serve it with side salad of your choice. Because chicken is quite lean meat, remember to balance the fats with adding avocado, boiled egg, bacon or some extra olive oil to your salad. You can also sprinkle it with pumpkin or sunflower seeds, they are full of healthy fats.


tandoori chicken #keto #lowcarb


· 8 chicken drumsticks with skin
· 3-4 tbsp olive oil
· 120 ml coconut joghurt (kefir or buttermilk if you eat dairy)
· 1/2 tsp garlic granules
· 3 tsp tandoori seasoning
· 1/3 tsp salt


Mix coconut joghurt, olive oil, garlic granules, salt and tandoori seasoning in a big container with a lid (big enough to fit all the drumsticks). You can make some cuts on the chicken skin like I did, but it’s not necessary. Put them to your marinate, stir so all meat will be covered by marinate, and keep in the fridge for at least 2-3 hours. Give it some time, chicken will absorb all the flavour from spices. Don’t skip this part and you’ll get tender and aromatic meat.

Preheat the oven to 200ºC. Move your chicken to a baking dish, pouring on the leftovers of marinate. Bake until it’s tender and nicely brown. It takes me around 40 minutes with the fan on, but it depends of the oven, so keep an eye on your chicken. Sometimes I use grill option for last few minutes of baking if I want it to be extra crispy.

Enjoy the flavour and crispy skin, and don’t hesitate to lick the fingers 😉


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