raw courgette veggie rolls

I had a small young yellow courgette and some leftovers of other veggies in my fridge – not enough to prepare a decent salad, also I wanted to make something with this courgette that would show it’s pretty yellow colour. Usually I just pop the courgettes to all kinds of hot meals, but this time I wanted something fresh and raw.

So this idea came into my mind. It’s kind of end of the week idea when you have lots of leftovers and you don’t know what to do with them 🙂

Adding capers was a great idea – they add a bit of spiciness and some sour taste. I think some other pickled veg would also go great with it, or a smear of some spicy pepper paste. Feel free to experiment with your fridge leftovers 🙂

raw courgette veggie rolls


  • young courgette
  • red bell pepper
  • cucumber
  • capers
  • cream cheese
  • salad leaves


Wash thoroughly all the veggies. Cut pepper and cucumber in thin sticks. Use a veggie peeler to make very thin courgette slices. You can also do it with a knife if you have great knife skills, but as I don’t, peeler is much easier and quicker. Because we need a very thin courgette slices to be able to roll them.

Because my courgette was quite small I placed 2 slices overlapping each other. Simply smear them with a layer of cream cheese, not too thick, just enough to keep everything together. Next place some capers, a bit of salad leaves, some cucumber and pepper and roll up. You can lay them flat or stand for serving, although they need to be eaten quite quickly, because with time veggies starts letting go of its juices and becomes soft and soggy. That’s why it’s the best to eat them fresh – they are crunchy and juicy.

Preparation is as simple as it can be, and they look quite colourful and fun – nice change from an ordinary salad.

You can keep them in the fridge for couple hours, but as I said they become slightly soft and soggy.


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