Instagram vs reality: crepes roulade with mascarpone & cream (#low carb #keto friendly)

I saw this post on Instagram and decided I need to make my version of this dessert. Because I was only guessing what it’s made of (apart from crepes), there is no information how it’s called or what ingredients they used, I decided that my go to ingredients will be mascarpone and cream. Whipped cream seems to be to light and unstable for this dessert, so mixing it with delicious and creamy mascarpone was my first thought. Also I guess that someone uses crumbled Oreo, but you’re not going to find it in my version 😉

Also instead of making regular crepes I’ve made keto version. Keto crepes are slightly thicker and less flexible comparing to regular crepes, so my roulade is not as elegant and delicate. With regular crepes you can make them very thin, and they will roll easier then keto ones. Thanks to flour they have completely different texture, so if you use regular flour to make these crepes you’ll possibly achieve prettier results.

I watched this video about a million times and I can’t figure out how the crepes are rolled, so there is no overlap, like on the side of my roulade. Possibly they roll it much smaller so the last crepe wasn’t overlapping, but it’s hidden inside. Look at the darker side of my photos and you’ll see the ending of the last crepe. Also I placed quite a thick layer of mascarpone, so maybe that’s why my roulade was thicker and that last crepe couldn’t hide under. Keep it in mind while rolling.

One thing I would change: I would add some fruits, like cherries, or blackcurrants or a thin layer of sugar free forest fruits jam. This would break the soft and sweet flavour of mascarpone. If I will be making it again, which is possible, because it’s very quick and easy, I’m going to add some fruits.

Preparing this dessert is very simple: basically all time you need is time to make three crepes and to whip the cream. You decide if you want to decorate it or leave it plain like on Instagram.

It is typical keto dessert (or very refined keto breakfast), which means you’ll eat one slice and you feel full. Mascarpone and cream – that’s plenty of fat. As a decoration I placed couple small pieces of handmade dark chocolate with freeze-dried raspberries and apple. But as I said you can keep it simple and sprinkle with cacao powder.

crepes roulade with mascarpone & cream

(#low carb #keto friendly)


  • 3 medium eggs
  • 3 tsp raw cacao powder + extra for dusting
  • 300ml double cream or whipping cream (I used whipping cream)
  • xylitol or other sugar replacement – to taste
  • 250 g mascarpone
  • optionally: chocolate or fruits for decoration


First prepare keto crepes, if you’ve never done this before, have a look here for some tips and tricks that will help you.

You will need one egg for each crepe. Take a cup and using a fork whip together one egg, 1 teaspoon of cacao powder and 2-3 teaspoons of whipping cream (I used about 6 teaspoons for crepes and the rest for whipping). Heat the crepe pan adding a teaspoon of clarified butter or coconut oil. I always do it with regular crepes, because the first crepe is always a tricky one. After the first one I don’t use anything to grease the pan.

When the pan is hot pour the mixture on, and spread out the batter evenly holding the pan and making circular movements. When you see that the edges of the crepe starts to pull away from the pan, take the spatula and very gently flip it over. If it folds , no worries just gently unfold it and try again. It’s quite tricky as the crepes are delicate, but if you have some experience with making regular crepes, you’ll manage with these as well. You can also give the pan a little shake to make sure that it doesn’t stick to it (if it does, shake a bit more or help yourself with a spatula), then make a circle with your hand, tossing crepe into the air. If you’re lucky enough, your crepe should land on the pan with the other side. It should work well with shallow, crepe pan. If you have a regular deeper one, the high edge of the pan might not let you flip crepes easily. This method requires a little bit of experience, so don’t give up if it doesn’t work. If your crepe folds, just unfold it and try one more time.

Choose the best method for you, after couple times you’ll feel more confident.

Prepare fresh batter for each crepe, mixing one egg, 1 teaspoon of cacao powder and 2-3 teaspoons of double cream.

Set the aside to cool down completely.

Take the remaining cream and whip it using handheld mixer, add sweetener of your choice. When cream is whipped add mascarpone and beat until combine. Add also some more sweetener if needed.

Now place 3 crepes as it’s shown on the video, place layer of mascarpone (you can do it with the spoon) and roll just as they did. I dusted mascarpone layer with some cocoa powder.

If you’re not able to see the video, simply place 3 crepes in the way they overlapping each other. Spread the layer of mascarpone and cream in a rectangular shape leaving the edges clean. Now fold the sides of crepes inside and roll starting from the thin side.

Place on a plate, dust with some more cacao powder and serve. I’ve been left with some leftovers of mascarpone filling, so I made small decoration on the top of my roulade using piping bag and a special tip (that’s my second time I used it, so bare with me). Placed couple pieces of dark chocolate and voila!

You can eat it straight away or place in the fridge for about 30 minutes.


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