oriental chicken with ginger and Chinese black mushrooms

Another oriental style chicken, that we’ve used to eat a lot is this one with ginger and Chinese black mushrooms. Although I know these mushrooms as “mun”, but couldn’t find this name in English. I found them as “Chinese black mushrooms”, and I’m still not sure if it’s the same as “shiitake mushrooms” because this name appeared as well. If anyone knows, please let me know in the comments below.

It’s fairly quick and easy to make, as most of this kind of dishes. And if you like oriental kitchen I’m sure you’ll like it too. Love the mix of sweet chilli sauce and soy sauce, with this funny consistency mushrooms – a bit jelly like and chewy. This mushrooms also called “black fungus” has been consumed especially by the Chinese populations as a traditional Chinese medicinal mushroom since the 19th century for treating jaundice and sore throats. “Therefore, black fungus, as a popular traditional Chinese medicine ingredient, is considered as one of the nutrient-rich and pharmacologically active edible fungi. Black fungus has been shown to possess immune-enhancing, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anticoagulant, and antitumor properties” (research article)

Remember to find good quality chicken, the best would be free range and with no antibiotics, although I know it’s not always easy to find (and reasonably priced) . But if you don’t eat a lot of chicken it’s always better to look for something better quality. Look for local butcher and small family run shops – there’s always bigger chance that you’ll find something more trustworthy.  And it’s always better to support you local business than a large supermarkets.

Note that mushrooms will expand 3 to 4 times, so you don’t need a lot of them. One handful will be fine. I’ve also found two different cooking times – 20 minutes and 1 hour. We’ve always cooked them for about 20 minutes and they were fine. But if you want to be sure-sure, cook it for a bit longer.

oriental chicken with ginger and chinese black mushroom


oriental chicken with ginger and Chinese black mushrooms


· 500g chicken breast or thighs
· middle part of leek (not too green and not too white)
· 100-150g sweetcorn
· 2 inch fresh ginger
· handful dried Chinese black mushrooms
· 3-5 tbsp dark soy sauce
· pinch of turmeric
· ½ tsp garlic granules o 1-2 garlic cloves
· 2-3 tbs sweet chilli sauce
· pinch of salt
· 3 tbsp coconut oil


Make a marinate using: soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce and turmeric. Chop the chicken (in chunks or stripes) and marinate for about 20-30 minutes. If you don’t have that much time you can skip this step and add marinate straight to the wok/skillet.

Now it’s time for mushrooms. Simmer them for 20 minutes in a small pot with some water (just to cover the mushrooms, not too much). The will expand 3 to 4 times so you don’t need much of them.

In the meantime heat the wok or skillet adding 3 tbsp of coconut oil. Then toss the chicken and fry on a high heat until golden. Add pinch of salt, ginger chopped in thin stripes, chopped garlic or garlic granules. Stir often.

Now slightly lower the heat. Add sweetcorn, drain off your mushrooms and chop in stripes. Add them to chicken. Fry for another 3-4 minutes, check if it’s salty enough and if the chicken is tender. At the end slice the leek and add it to the chicken. One more minute of frying and your meal is ready.

Serve hot with basmati rice or salad of your chice.


chicken with ginger and chinese blac mushrooms


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