iceberg taco burgers with sauerkraut #keto #glutenfree

I’m not a fan of burgers, my partner doesn’t really like lettuce. But seems like, this version of burger is better than I thought.

When scrolling Instagram this caught my eye – burger packed in iceberg lettuce instead of bun. Not thinking a lot I’ve made some burgers, added some sauerkraut to make it even more healthy and there you go!


Crispy, crunchy iceberg lettuce is ten times better than a bun. Lettuce definitely adds new quality to the burger, and make it more digestible (in any way). Didn’t even noticed when I ate two and I would have eat three, if not my partner who ate the rest 🙂

And it’s as easy to make as ordering McDonald’s 😉

Remember only to choose good quality meat, with no added water and chemicals. Have a look at your local butchers, most of the times they inform their customers about the source of their meat, they can also give you some advice, if you’re not sure what kind of meat you’d like to buy. On many occasions these are small, family shops so they care much more about quality of their products.

The same with tomatoes – I always choose tomatoes grown in UK, they are far much better than the one from abroad. Not in tomato season, I tend to buy only cherry tomatoes – that’s why you’ll see them a lot in my recipes.


iceberg taco burgers with sauerkraut #keto #glutenfree

INGREDIENTS (for about 5 burgers)

  • 500 g good quality beef mince
  • 1 tsp your favorite mustard
  • 1 tsp taco seasoning (I’ve used Luchito Taco mix)
  • pinch of salt
  • few slices of mature cheddar or other cheese of your choice
  • iceberg lettuce
  • sauerkraut
  • cherry tomatoes or normal (sliced)
  • sour pickled cucumbers
  • additionally: mayonnaise or hot chill sauce


Mix together beef, mustard, pinch of salt and taco seasoning, leave in the fridge for about an hour. Heat the BBQ, or in my case, grilling pan. Take bits of meat and roll in your hands, then make them flat as burgers. Fry on the pan for few minutes on each side (I like them well done).

Gently separate salad leaves and rinse them, also rinse cherry tomatoes. Slice sour pickled cucumbers, drain sauerkraut from the juice.

Put some sauerkraut on the salad leaf, then the burger, and slice of cheese on top. Now couple slices of cucumber and cherry tomato sliced in half. Top up with mayonnaise or hot sauce and cover with the other iceberg leaf.

Grab and eat as normal burger, it’s easier than you think 🙂


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