grilled mushrooms #ketofriendly

Today I wanted to show you great side dish, even if you’re not on keto. Grilled mushrooms – deliciously buttery with some garlic flavor. I love garlic, so for me it’s mushroom heaven, especially garlic mixed with butter. That’s great combo. The best is to use baby button mushrooms or any other closed cup mushrooms that will be small in size. Closed cup will help to avoid losing water and getting soggy. The recipe is very easy to make and very quick. Mushrooms don’t need much time just a few minutes on each side to get golden brown.

You can use it as a side dish when you serve fish or chicken, or by itself as an evening treat. They can be good substitute for chips or crisps when you have a movie night.

Mushrooms are great source of seleniumantioxidant that helps to improve your immune system. When grilled even more antioxidants are activated. They are also source of vitamin B and non animal source of vitamin D, which is always great.

There’s not much more to say about them. They are just yummy!


grilled mushrooms


· baby button mushrooms
· clarified unsalted butter
· garlic salt
· dried parsley
· black pepper

You will also need long thin skewers, brush and a grill pan or a BBQ.


Wash all the mushrooms thoroughly and cut off the stems. Melt the butter, add dried parsley and garlic salt. Carefully. I always over-salt. Gently skewer mushrooms onto the stick, the way it’s on the photos – skewer the cap rather than through the stem. It will be easier if you twist them onto the stick rather than just push the stick through it.

Place skewers on the hot grill pan or BBQ. Using a brush grease them with butter, flip and brush other side. Give them couple of minutes on each side, until get golden brown. Keep the heat quite high – so they toast nicely. We want to keep them firm not soggy. If you make a bigger batch, it’s good to wipe the pan with paper towel to get rid of burned butter and garlic – it can get bitter when burnt.

Serve straight away. They are the best straight from the pan. Enjoy!


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